Academics and Faculty


Jewish Academics

Jewish Studies. Wake Forest University offers many Jewish studies related courses in a number of disciplines.   These courses are all part of the interdisciplinary Jewish Studies Minor. For more information, please contact Dr. Barry Trachtenberg, Director, Jewish Studies Program,, 336-758-2512

Department for the Study of Religions & The School of Divinity. The Department for the Study of Religions (  and the School of Divinity ( offer courses in the Hebrew Bible and Comparative Judaism courses, with additional courses being planned for the future. They also offer Biblical Hebrew, which meets the language requirement for Wake Forest students.

Humanities. History,German Studies, English, Political Science and the American Ethnic Studies Departments as well the Humanities Institute offer courses in American Jewish Culture, American Jewish Literature, a survey of Jewish history, Ancient Israel and courses on the Middle East.

Guest Lecturers and Discussions. Wake Forest currently has a faculty exchange program with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has hosted several of its distinguished faculty who have lectured on Israel, the Holocaust, Education and Science. Wake Forest has also hosted distinguished Jewish Studies faculty from other institutions who have lectured on Anti-Semitism, Jewish identity and other subjects.

Office of Jewish Life. Staff from the Office of Jewish Life, within the Office of the Chaplain, offers informal classes on prayer,  on Torah, and on Judaism.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and are given opportunities to learn one on one.

Jewish Faculty and Staff. Wake Forest has numerous Jewish faculty and staff members throughout its various schools. Students and faculty have opportunities to mingle at all Hillel events as well as at all Office of Jewish Life activities.

Graduate Studies. Wake Forest boasts a graduate population of approximately 2,500 students, including the School of Business, the School of Law, and the School of Medicine.  We welcome all graduate students to all our events.