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Academics and Faculty

Wake Forest University offers several Jewish studies related courses in a number of disciplines.

Religion Department & The Divinity School The Religion Department and the Divinity School offer courses in the Hebrew Bible and Comparative Judaism courses, with additional courses being planned for the future. They also offer Biblical Hebrew, which meet language requirements for Wake Forest students.

History,German Studies, English, Political Science and the American Ethnic Studies Departments as well the Humanities Institute. Courses in American Jewish Culture, American Jewish Literature, History of European Jewry from the Middle Ages to the Present,Ancient Israel and course on the Middle East since 1900

Guest Lecturers and Discussions Wake Forest currently has a faculty exchange program with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has hosted several of its distinguished faculty who have lectured on Israel, the Holocaust, Education and Science. Wake Forest has also hosted distinguished Jewish Studies faculty from other institutions who have lectured on Anti-Semitism, Jewish Identity and other related subjects.

Wake Forest has numerous Jewish faculty throughout its various schools. Students and faculty have opportunities to mingle at all Hillel events including Faculty-Student mixers.