Jewish Studies Program


לימוד לימודי יהדות


The Interdisciplinary Jewish Studies (JWS) program at Wake Forest requires 18 credit hours, from at least two departments with three courses numbering 200 or above.  History, German Studies, English, Political Science and the American Ethnic Studies Departments, and the Humanities Institute offer many interesting courses as part of the Jewish Studies Minor, including American Jewish Culture, American Jewish Literature, History of European Jewry from the Middle Ages to the Present, Ancient Israel, and courses on the Middle East.


Pre-Approved Jewish Studies Minor Courses

American Ethnic Studies (AES )

  • 232 The American Jewish Experience

Communications (Comm)

  • 339 Practices of Citizenship

English (Eng)

  • 377 Studies in American Jewish Literature
  • 371 American Ethnic Literatures
  • 364 Studies in Literary Criticism – Benjamin &Adorno
  • Secular Jewish Communities in the Diasporas

German (Ger)

  • 350 German-Jewish Literature & Culture

History (His)

  • 305 Medieval and Modern Iberia
  • 312 Jews, Greeks, and Romans
  • 313 History of European Jewry from Middle Ages
  • to the Present
  • Jewish Migrations in the Americas

Politics and International Affairs (PIA)

  • 259 Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • 242 Special Topics: The Politics of Exile or
  • The Politics of Exile and Diaspora

Religion (Rel)

  • 113 Introduction to Jewish Traditions
  • 308 Sacred Scripture in the Traditions of Abraham
  • 310 Intermediate Readings in Classical Hebrew
  • 314 Readings from the Rabbis
  • 355 Jewish Identities:  Religion, Race, and Rights
  • 356 Modern Jewish Movements
  • 357 Jews in the United States

Romance Languages  (ROM)

  • 331 Medieval Spain:  A Cultural and Literary
  • Perspective




 The Process for Jewish Studies Program at WFU:

  • Apply for acceptance into the JWS program
  • Meet with an advisor to map out your program
  • Take classes in a wide variety of departments and disciplines
  • Take a minimum of 18 credit hours
  • Enjoy your classes and learn a lot
  • Complete the paperwork to receive the Jewish Studies Minor classification status at graduation


For more information about The Jewish Studies Program, please contact:

Dr. Barry Trachtenberg

Director, Jewish Studies Program