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WFU Hillel attends AIPAC’s Policy Conference

In March 2012 and 2013, members of WFU Hillel attended AIPAC’s 2012 Policy Conference.  AIPAC is the largest and most influential pro-Israel lobby in the country.  Every year, their Policy Conference attracts nearly 13,00 pro-Israel activists to Washington DC to help continue the always needed momentum forward through the rest of the year and set up the organization’s initiatives and goals.  The conference also features the largest gathering of US police makers second only to the annual State of the Union Address.  As such,  in 2012 we were lucky to be able to hear speeches from President Obama, presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, as well as Mitch McConnell, and Nancy Pelosi, in addition to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Shiron Peres.

Throughout the three day convention, we also had the opportunity to attend numerous smaller breakout sessions with experts and experienced activists.  Topics offered included the histories of the Arab world and the Zionist movement, the present state of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the threat of a nuclear Iran, how to effectively support Israel on college campuses, and so many more.

It was an exciting three days and we learned a crazy amount of information and effective methods of pro-Israel activism that will certainly be useful at college and home.  And plus, with 2,000 college students in attendance as well, it is always a ton of fun once the business of the convention is taken  care of each day.


With 150 people attending the two Wake Forest University Hillel sponsored Passover Seder, this year reflects the growth of Hillel and the Jewish community at Wake! Rabbi Gisser led both Seders with the help of students.  Kosher for Passover food was offered for students during the week of Passover and the Pit pitched in with kosher style entrees for each meal including matzo ball soup and charoset!

Rosh Hashannah Dinner

Pictures from our Rosh Hashannah Dinner last year:



Wake Forest University Hillel students celebrated Purim by volunteering at Temple Emanuel’s Purim play and carnival! The carnival was a great chance for Hillel students and their buddies in the Temple Emanuel Sunday School program to catch up! On campus, Mischloach Manot baskets were handcrafted and delivered to all of our campus partners, from the Provost’s Office to the Office of the Chaplain to thank and educate about this less known holiday.

Israel Week

Free falafel outside the Pit and a screening of Munich kicked off the 2013 Israel Week. Hillel partnered with the Wake Forest Music Department for a Words and Music of the Holocaust program. The week wrapped up with a discussion of technology in Israel preceding an Israeli themed Shabbat dinner and an LGBTQ film in Israel screening.


Hello Kitty, rainbows, and the beach were major themes of the day! For the second year, Hillel joined with the Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Presby to paint desks with the local elementary school students.

desk2 desk1


Pictures from our Shabbat displays: