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Jewish Wake Forest University!

With more than 300 Jewish undergraduate and graduate students, the Office of Jewish Life under the auspices of the Chaplain’s Office, serves as the center of a growing Jewish community at Wake Forest University.

The Office of Jewish Life provides support, pastoral counseling, mentoring, and religious guidance to Wake Forest Jewish students as well the larger student, staff and faculty community.


Overview of Jewish Life at Wake Forest University:

  • The Jewish Life Department is the umbrella that covers and connects Jewish activities on campus.
  • The Rosenblatt Family Hillel is our student-led, faculty-guided and staff-facilitated organization that offers a variety of Jewish themed events.
  • Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) is our Jewish-affiliated fraternity. Many of our Jewish students choose to be involved both with Rosenblatt Family Hillel and with Greek life.
  • The Jewish Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program requiring 18 credit hours (200 level or above) in at least 2 different departments. These courses are very interesting.
  • Jewish spaces on campus include a Hillel Lounge, kosher (dairy) kitchen,  Jewish Life Office space with lending library, and built-in Ark with Torah in Davis Interfaith Chapel.
  • Athletics: Multiple Rosenblatt Family Hillel members compete in Wake Forest’s varsity programs (16 are offered). 85 percent of Wake Forest students participate in intramural sports.
  • Academics is rigorous but class size is small as you get to know your professors, many of whom are Jewish.
  • Jewish Student Engagement Interns take you out for coffee, to get to know you better, and help you if you have any questions.
  • Jewish holiday services and celebrations take place on campus for your convenience.
  • A weekly e-mail is sent with information about Jewish activities on campus.
  • The local Jewish community is very warm and welcoming, inviting you to join them in prayer services and in local service projects. And you might get invited for dinner, too!

Check out Jewish Life in Pictures for some of what happens at WFU.


Hanukkah 2015

Prospective students

Prospective students should meet with Hillel students and/or our Jewish Program Director when they visit Wake Forest.

Rosenblatt Family Hillel and WFU Jewish Life
programs are open to all prospective students and their families.

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