Photo of Reynolda Hall at Homecoming

Thank you for entrusting your children to us. Actually, they are no longer children – they are adults and are coming into their own as our future (Jewish) leaders.

We know that sometimes your students are too busy to tell you all the wonderful things they are doing. You can:

  1. Look on Hillel Facebook for all the fun activities and you might even see a photo of your student
  2. Sign-up for our weekly “This Week In Jewish Life” email.
  3. Come to family events such as Homecoming and Jewish receptions, Jewish graduation ceremonies, home sport events, etc.
  4. For more info, contact Gail at

We also have a very strong Jewish community in both Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC. Many people have asked if they could “adopt” a college student – they want to give back for when they were students, or their children or grandchildren were students, in places that took them in, feed them, brought them to services, introduced to them the local community, and made them feel at home!  If you want to be matched with a local family, please contact Gail at

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