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Shabbat Dinner

Shabbat Dinner

Jewish Life, Hillel, AEPi & SSI events include

  • Social gatherings
  • Educational opportunities including lectures and informal classes, discussion groups, text and Bible study sessions
  • Games nights, movie nights and other fun events
  • Holiday programming (on campus and often in partnership with Hillel, the Jewish Student Organization on campus)
    • Shabbat services, celebrations, and meals
    • Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services, dinners, and break-fasts on campus
    • Sukkah building and sukkot events
    • Simchat Torah – Torah dancing
    • Hanukkah menorah lighting
    • Tu B’shevat Plantings and Seders
    • Purim celebrations
    • Passover Seders in the Magnolia Room, Passover food in Hillel Lounge, and coordinating Passover foods in campus dining halls
    • Yom Ha’Shoah (Holocaust memorial)
    • Yom Ha’atma’ut (Israel Independence Day)
  • Daffodil Project
  • Judaism 101 informal educational offerings
  • Israel education
  • Interfaith & Social Justice workshops and activities
  • Fundraising events and sponsorship opportunities
  • Publicity and social media for Jewish community
  • Jewish Life Lending Library – books and resources
  • Student Engagement Interns
  • Partnering with local temples and synagogues
Daffodil Garden

Daffodil Garden

Contact Us

Jewish Life Office

Dr. Gail Bretan
Program Director, Jewish Life
The Office of the Chaplain
Wake Forest University
Benson Center 321, PO Box 7204
Winston-Salem, NC 27109


Molly Sugarman
Hillel President


Josh Sokoloff
AEPi President

SSI – Students Supporting Israel

Phillip Yurchenko
SSI President

Jewish Studies

Dr. Barry Trachtenberg
Director, Jewish Studies
B1, Tribble Hall

Office of the Chaplain

Peggy Beckman
Administrative Coordinator
8D, Reynolda Hall

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