Office of Jewish Life

L'Dor V'Dor
Lulav Shake at the WFU Sukkah


The Office of Jewish Life Staff Oversees & Provides:

  • Pastoral leadership to Jewish students, staff, and faculty including opportunities for worship, prayer, mentoring, and counseling
  • Management of the worship, meeting, and office spaces for Jewish life at Wake Forest
  • Resources to WFU Hillel
  • Advocacy for the spiritual and logistical needs of Jewish students at Wake Forest
  • Articulation of thoughtful and engaged Jewish perspectives on global religious and political issues in public settings, particularly in times of crisis
  • Leadership and facilitation of workshops on various topics
  • Healthy and creative relationships with Jewish institutions in the region
  • Opportunities for non-Jewish students, staff, and faculty to learn about the broad Jewish traditions in their theological, pastoral, and cultural dimensions
  • Ways to personally pursue and cultivate intellectual inquiry within the Wake Forest community regarding Jewish faith and life.

We look forward to having you as part of our community!

GailGail H. Bretan, Ph.D.
Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life

The Office of the Chaplain (Religious Life)
Wake Forest University
Suite 321 Benson Center
PO Box 7204
Winston-Salem, NC 27109


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Jewish Life Office

Dr. Gail Bretan
Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life
The Office of the Chaplain
Wake Forest University
Benson Center 321, PO Box 7204
Winston-Salem, NC 27109


Sydney Rojas & Ella Sadikman
Hillel Co-Presidents


Ethan Harrison
AEPi President

Israel Fellow

Amit Melchior


Jewish Studies

Dr. Mir Yarfitz
Director, Jewish Studies
B114, Tribble Hall


Office of the Chaplain

Peggy Beckman
Office Manager
8D, Reynolda Hall

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